First United Methodist Church
Mead, Colorado


Our Church has been serving the Mead community since 1880.  We have been at our current location since 1907.   We are committed to living in faith, loving in Christ, and lifting hearts.  We seek to meet the spiritual needs of people who are striving to develop their lives within the framework of family, church, and community. 

       Our mission is to help people form a spiritual connection with God through Jesus Christ, 

                                         a loving connection with others,

                             and a compassionate connection with a hurting world.

From our pastor...

I Believe in Jesus Christ as the expression of God's all encompassing love come to dwell among us.  His central message was that God is near to all and God is loving.  One of the most compelling illustrations of this is Jesus' parable of the "Prodigal Son."  The father's compassionate longing for the son to return home is like God's compassionate longing for humanity to "come home."  Maybe you are someone on the way home.

Christian faith begins by accepting God's embrace.  Christianity is not so much taught as caught.  It is not so much thinking as being.  The spiritual journey is "heartwork."  God's renewing and persuading Spirit works in our hearts to reveal God's image within a never ending process.

On the journey we discover that God's love comes to us on its way to someone else.  We demonstrate this love through acts of compassion offered to a hurting world.  Real faith gets lived out in the nuts and bolts of everyday life.

If this sounds like the journey you've been looking for, come and join with others on the same path here at Mead UMC.  You won't be disappointed.

Grace and Peace,

Mark Heiss 


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